Untitled No. 1

Untitled No. 1
“Untitled No. 1,” found images and mixed media on paper, 2015.

Found images and mixed media exercise from the experimental drawing workshop at the Exeter Community Centre. I wasn’t very happy with the composition during the process, but I kept going on until it was finished. Only later, when I accidentally placed the drawing upside down against the wall, I’ve realized that it works much better rotated this way. The creative process keeps surprising me! 🙂

The experimental drawing workshop was a part of Exe-Arts, a community arts initiative offering workshops open to the public, encouraging people to try out different art forms.

Mandala No. 15

Mandala No. 15
“Mandala No. 15,” watercolors on paper, 2015.

In this painting the square becomes more prominent, more present, but it’s still unstable, still shimmering, still becoming.

The squaring of the circle is as much a reference to the mandala design as it is to the alchemy. I was introduced to both mandala and alchemy images through the books of Carl Gustav Jung.

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